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Frank Rübcke
Berlin, Germany
Tea*Eye Productions
In corporation with SLOW Hospitlity Managment

DJ (Music Consultant & Music Supervisor)



Eclectic melting pot of sounds and textures drawing on everything from Deep and Soulful House through to African-, Latin- and Oriental-House. Folktronica. Minimal Cumbia. Andean Step. Tropical Bass. Global Spirit. Keta-Pop. Bummeltechno. Basso Nova. Macarena Dub. Slowhouse (aka "Slouse"). Slothdisco. Uplifting Downtempo. Spiritual House. Chill Rave. Aya Tech. Desert House.

The man, the myth, and his musical moods. A true connaisseur and a timeless collector of grooves with an eclectic and encyclopedic (maybe even biblical) knowledge, the DJ known as Octupone has been creating his melting pot of sounds and textures with his emotionally charged sets for over three decades.

Drawing on everything from Blues, Boogaloo, Disco, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Northern Soul, R&B, Soul and Zydeco in the beginning of his career through Deep- and Soulful-House now. Octupone has spun his web of wicked tunes all over the world and then some: from the Soulkitchen or the Golden Pudel Club in his original hometown of Hamburg to the Bar Tausend, Jackie O or at the Party for the ECHO (Germany’s Grammys) in Berlin, from Rio de Janeiro via Tulum or Paris on to Mykonos to Hong Kong or Tokyo. Currently residing as DJ and Music Consultant and Supervisor at La Granja IBIZA, he rarely repeats and never ceases to amaze.



Residencies & Projects

Resident DJ Summer Season 2016/17,
La Granja Ibiza, Spain
Resident DJ since 2013, Winter Season,
Papaya Playa Project, Tulum, Mexico
Resident DJ Summer Season 2015,
Scorpios Mykonos, Greece
Resident DJ Summer Season 2014,
Berlin De Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Resident DJ since 2012 Summer Season,
Jackie O, Berlin, Germany
Resident DJ & Booking, 2007-2009,
Bar Tausend, Berlin, Germany




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